Thursday, July 12, 2012

PERMANON Comments, Questions & Answers

As Permanon receives more attention and word-of-mouth exposure, we've seen a rise in the questions related to how Permanon works, where it works, and how it's meant to be applied in a variety scenarios.  We've created a FAQ's page on our website that serves to answer the most commonly asked questions.

Also, we have found that there are un-informed comments on other blogs where some people have had other-than-perfect results.  Every time we have been able to address these concerns directly, the problem revolves around proper application methods.  This blog will also serve to answer questions about the application of Permanon for potentially unusual scenarios that may not be readily answered on our FAQ's pages.

Some bloggers have suggested that this product is like another product they've seen somewhere else.  Rest assured, Permanon is a patented product in a proprietary solution engineered and produced by only one German manufacturer.  No one makes anything like Permanon, period.  We do recognize that some confusion may revolve around a product called, C2 Liquid Crystal.  Permanon and C2 Liquid Crystal are one and the same.  They both contain the same formulas and are produced by the same German manufacturer.  The only difference is the branding or labeling and the regional market places where they are sold.  Permanon is the primary brand name sold throughout most of Europe and the United States.  C2 Liquid Crystal is a private label that is sold in the UK.

As we develop this blog, and as we find comments on other sites, we will endeavor to answer the questions and comments posted with direct-from-the-source answers.  Please feel free to leave questions and comments in response to this post where we can respond in kind for all to see.

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