Monday, September 30, 2013

U.S. Navy T-28 Trainer Treated with PERMANON

This U.S. Navy T-28 trainer was treated with PERMANON providing exceptional protection from UV radiation and carbon fouling.  The finish on this gem has been enhanced and is now protected against the environmental conditions unique to aircraft.  Maintaining this finish is as simple as a rinse with water and wipe dry.  Future maintenance applications of Permanon to maintain the protection is equally simple...spray on, rinse and wipe dry.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Permanon Sample Size 100 ml Bottles

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You've heard about Permanon but haven't seen it in action yet?  You'd like to order a sample before pulling the trigger on the larger options?  OK, affordable sample sizes of Permanon are available in the 100 ml option at

When I say "sample", don't think of this as something you're going to try on a small window or door panel.  One 100 ml bottle of Permanon concentrate will make two (2) 32 oz sprayer bottles with a 5% solution.  Each 32 oz sprayer should cover two (2) mid-sized sedans!!  Just be sure you're using a sprayer with an adjustable nozzle for a "fine mist" application.

And when you're done covering the outside, if you have any left in the bottle, don't throw it away!  Spray it on all of the hard surfaces INSIDE your vehicle too.  Still have some left over?  Bring it into the house.  Spray down the counter tops, sinks, faucets, and windows.  Or better yet, head to the bathroom and spray it on all of the porcelain fixtures (tub and sink), faucets, tiles, mirrors and windows.

The uses for Permanon are virtually endless.  It protects ANY hard, non-porous surface!

If you have any questions or unusual scenarios, don't hesitate to contact us HERE.


Permanon Finishes

Permanon Feedback & Customer Photos

I just received this nice note from Lamar.  Check out the results!

"Hey Nick, I just wanted to thank you guys for one amazing product. I finally was able to use it last night. I must say it is by far the easiest application product I have ever used and it works flawlessly. I honestly could not be happier. I included a picture of my truck to show you the outcome."

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We love to see these pictures and comments come in!  If you want to show off your results, don't hesitate to contact us HERE, or leave feedback in the blog.


Permanon Finishes

Misting Sprayers for Permanon Applications

Many have asked us, what is the most efficient way to apply Permanon over large areas? We have a few good options, but there is one that stands out ahead of the rest.

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The word is getting out about the Swiss-made Birchmeier 50800 VITON compression mist sprayer.  It's an easy and efficient way of applying Permanon over large surfaces (e.g. boats/yacht, cars/trucks, motor homes, RV's, and building surfaces, glass windows, marble, etc.).

The trigger pump 32 oz sprayers can make your finger pretty tired after awhile. Some do not have an adjustable nozzle so you can’t get a fine mist as do some garden compression sprayers. You don’t want to waste Permanon by over applying with those other sprayers. A fine mist is best. Permanon cannot stick to itself and so cannot be layered. Over applying with anything that doesn't "mist" means wasted product. The Birchmeier 50800 VITON compression sprayer has a perfect wide mist applicator nozzle which can be turned for vertical or horizontal applications.

When applying with a Birchmeier 50800 VITON compression mist sprayer make a nice slow steady sweep, just fast enough so the mixture is not running. Start at the top and work your way down. After applying, immediately squeegee any standing water and/or microfiber dry to avoid any water spotting from minerals that may be in your water. Lightly buff dry your glass and any bright work to a beautiful protected shine.

As always we welcome your comments and questions.


Permanon Finishes

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Testamonial from Dallas, TX

We always like it when we can speak with our customers to find out how they are using Permanon.  I received this reply that I thought some would appreciate reading too.

S. B. from Dallas, Texas writes:

I saw a demonstration of your finishes at the Dallas Auto Show......just a few weeks ago.  It was at a booth where several pickup trucks that had been heavily customized were being shown off.......some kind of local truck club....I think....didn't get their name.

Some of them had that matte finish......and I noticed they looked better than any other matte finished cars at the show.  Then I looked around and noticed that all the other trucks looked fantastic too.  I had assumed that they were all new and just off the lot after being customized and was surprised to find out that several of them had more than 100,000 miles on them....(several years old since their customizations)........and most were daily drivers.

I asked what in the world the club was using to get that kind of finish (both matte and shiny) so, I was told Permanon.

I came home and ordered the glass cleaner 1/2 liter from autopia car care (I think).....they only had a few of the Permanon products.  So, to make a long story short, I mixed it up and used it all around the house and on my truck.  WOW! what a difference...  so I went to the Permanon website and found you carry many more of the Permanon products than autopia.

I ordered Platinum and Diamond and the neat Swiss sprayer......and PS paste...used them on my truck...WOW again !!!!!!!!!!

Decided to just go ahead and get the liter sizes of Sanide and Glass two in one as I was already down to about 1/2 my original order of glass.

I use it on my eyeglasses, computer screens, flat screen TV,  of course on all three of my cars.  I used it on the exterior windows of my house....WOW!!!  (and I mean REALLY wow!!!!!!)

on the granite counter tops of my kitchen,  on the tile in my bathroom, the mirrors in my bathroom,  the porcelain sinks and toilets of my bathroom (after polishing with bar keeper's friend),  all the glass "panes" of all the artwork hanging on all my walls,  the glass "coverings" of my various clocks, the hand hammered copper mailbox out front........and the bronze street number sign.

I just had a brand new $14,000 air conditioner system installed.......and I used the platinum on the outdoor Carrier compressor unit.....hopefully will keep its finish looking good for a long time. It is fantastic when used with a microfiber to clean and polish my laptop and Ipad, Ipod and Iphone.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To sum up, I am using this on almost every hard shiny surface inside and outside my home.

BTW :   the diamond 2 in 1 is FANTASTIC as a cleaner for my dash inside my car, and on the door panels (basically everywhere except fabrics inside the car)...and on and on.

If I find a new use, I will let you know...


Friday, March 8, 2013

Permanon Protection for Window Tint and Vinyl Advertising Wrap

Here's another great question that came in today:

“Can Permanon be applied to window tint?”

The Answer:

Yes, with benefits! Use Permanon PSI+14 Silver.

The Benefits:

1.) Permanon fills the nano-pores of the window tint material making it clearer, and most of all easier to clean.

2.) Permanon provides UV protection which makes the tint last longer. Remember the tint is designed to block out UV radiation. But Permanon protects the tint material itself from harmful UV deterioration.

CAUTION: Window tint will not adhere to glass that has been treated with Permanon. Why?  Because Permanon fills the nano-pores of the glass.  It's those microscopic pores that allow the window tint to adhere to the glass.

Vinyl Advertising Wrap

You know the kind seen on the sides of buses, vans, and trailers advertising a product? And now wrap is available to totally change the color of your car even in matte colors.  Permanon is perfect to enhance and UV protect the wrap for a longer life by taking away the foothold for road grime to adhere making it easier to maintain. Finger prints and road dirt easily wash away on all gloss, semi-gloss and matte finishes.

Permanon is so easy to apply: Mix a 5% solution in water, mist Permanon onto the window tint or a cleaned wrap surface, and dry immediately.  For interior window tint, just mist on and micro-fiber cloth dry. It's that easy.

Thank you for your questions. Remember, Permanon is designed to protect ANY hard surface, not just window tint and vinyl wraps.

Visit our web site to purchase Permanon and your application accessories. 2-3 day Priority Mail shipping is FREE for any order over $50 to any location within the United States.  If you have a comment or question about our products, post a comment on this blog where everyone can benefit from an answer, or send a private message through our contact page.


Permanon Finishes

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Permanon Recommendations for Gel Coat Finishes

There have been some discrepancies regarding the mix percentage of Permanon Yacht Supershine concentrate to use on Gel coat finishes. The standard recommendation for first-time applications is a 10% mix.  Maintenance applications and interior surfaces only require a 3-5% mix. Full-strength applications of Permanon Yacht Supershine is reserved for only those areas that are sensitive to constant exposure to the sun's harmful UV radiation, such as varnished wood.

The required mix ratio can vary based on the age and condition of a Gel coat. So we ask you a few questions to better qualify the condition of your gel coat. Has the gel coat been properly maintained?  Is it faded?  Is it peeling?  Are you in a hot sunny climate?  Is it a new or older boat?

To be clear, Permanon is a finish protection solution, simple to apply, maintaining your gel coat or any hard surface so it looks new, lasts longer, and cleans so much easier. It will not bring back a faded (chalking) or worn surface where the Gel coat has started to break down. A faded surface needs to be professionally buffed where a surface that is actually breaking down may need a new color Gel coat applied. Once the Gel coat has been restored it can be maintained with Permanon Yacht Supershine.  Properly maintained with Permanon your Gel coat will not require any further buffing or polishing.

NOTE: After any buffing/polishing (pre-Permanon), wash the surface with a clean detergent. This will remove any buffing compounds or residual waxes from the nano-pores preparing the surface for a Permanon Yacht application.

Recommended concentrations of Permanon to water
for FIRST-TIME APPLICATIONS on your Gel coat finish:

- New Gel coat: 10%
- Finished (varnish/urethane) wood work: 100%
- Slightly faded, or hot sun environment and daily commercial use: 20-50% as needed.

Maintenance applications from this point forward can be applied with a 3-5% mix of Permanon as needed, based on use, which can be determined by periodically testing the surface to see if water is still beading up or sheeting away quickly. The exception to this is the finished wood work. Normally finished woodwork in maintained annually with a light sanding and re-coat. Properly maintained with Permanon, this arduous process is no longer required.  If the finished wood work does not come into contact with anything abrasive (rope, etc), then a 100% concentrate application can be applied annually. Wood work surfaces that are exposed to abrasive elements will require more frequent applications, as needed.

NOTE: When applying it is important to remember that Permanon cannot adhere to itself, so a second application will only wash away and be wasted. 

The Benefits: Easy application, protection that maintains the new look of your boat or yacht, and less time cleaning leaves you more time to enjoy cruising, sailing or sport fishing. 


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Will Permanon bring back the shine and/or stop the deterioration of the top surface?

I often field questions about oxidation on RVs, yachts, and boats where UV radiation from sun light has begun to break down the fiberglass/gel coat finish.

“Will Permanon bring back the shine and/or stop the deterioration of the top surface?”

If the surface has dulled or chalked it can be saved by machine buffing out the surface with a good 3M Finesss-it II, or 3M Imperial Compounds. Always ask your supplier what they consider is best for your particular situation. Once you have polished the surface back to a gloss finish, wash with Dawn Original dish detergent to remove the buffing compounds out of the nano-pores preparing the surface for Permanon protection.

If you have dark mold, mildew or dark fruit spores showing up, you may want to clean with Permanon’s PS-Paste. A blend of 16 soaps that effectively does the job without harsh abrasives or strong chemicals. Only caution here is, do not use on Lexon Plexiglass. Rinse well when done.

If your top surface is actually breaking down with small shreds of fiberglass, the top will need to have a new gel-coat or finish applied. Get a professional to look at it.

Now that the surface has been cleaned of any waxes or compounds, an application of Permanon can be misted on. I suggest a 10% mix of concentrate to water for boat/yacht surfaces where fiberglass and gel coats are more porous than the clear coats found on cars and trucks. Do not apply in direct sunlight. The surface should be cool and not hot to avoid water spotting from any minerals that may be in the water you're using. Mist on in sections and dry immediately. Keep in mind that Permanon cannot stick to itself so don't over-apply.

That's it, you're done.  Where you live and the amount of abrasive conditions present will determine how long this treatment will hold up. On the average, Permanon treatments last 6-12 months in good, clean, relatively non-abrasive conditions, 3-6 months in average conditions, and 1-3 months in harsh conditions. You can check the condition of your Permanon protection by performing a water beading/sheeting test. Simply pour water over the protected area. If the water beads up nicely or sheets away quickly, then you still have protection. But if the water is beginning to lay out and spreads flat, or doesn't sheet quickly and shows signs of surface drag, then your protection is weakening and it's time for a maintenance application with a 3-5% concentration of Permanon. Maintenance applications will seek out any worn spots to maintain the Permanon protection. We do suggest a full treatment of Permanon at least once a year after a good wash with a safe cleaning product such as Extreme Simple Green Aircraft & Precision Cleaner or Dawn (original) dish detergent.

As always I am glad to answer any questions you may have and enjoy your comments. Permanon, the new nano-technology for any hard surface finish protection. Lasts longer than waxes or similar products and is so much easier to apply. Spend more time enjoying your RV, classic car, hot rod, truck, airplane, boat or what have you while keeping it looking like new.

Feel free to post a comment or question on this blog entry, or contact me directly here.


Permanon Finishes

Thursday, January 17, 2013

PERMANON is bottled in concentrate for significant savings!

Consider this...

One 500 ml bottle of Permanon PSI+14 Silver will make ten (10) 32 ounce spray bottles with a 5% solution of Permanon.  Each 32 ounce spray bottle of mixed Permanon will coat at least two (2) mid-sized sedans.  That's a total of at least twenty (20) cars per 500 ml bottle of Permanon concentrate which equates to $5.29 per car/coating...less than the cost of a standard automated car wash.

Easy to Apply, Solid, Lasting Protection

Hi, my name is Nick Harding. I'm the President and owner of Nostalgia Garage, Inc. d/b/a Permanon Finishes. I've been involved with Permanon since it was first brought into North America and have always been on the forefront of new information and training. The two most fundamental benefits of Permanon are that it is very easy to apply and it offers durable long-term surface/finish protection. Unfortunately, "easy to apply" seems to suggest that it's a cheap or short term-solution...which is far from the truth.  It's become clear from my time on the road making sales calls and from the discussions I've had with current Permanon users, that it's hard to believe (initially) that the ease of application can provide such significant protective benefits, or that it's worth the upfront cost. So let's cover these obstacles.

First, understanding how it works will make it apparent why it's easier and better to use than any wax, silicone, or other topical agents. Permanon is primarily made up of Silicium (Si14 on the Periodic Table of elements, the primary component of glass). Silicium in Permanon has been engineered to the nano-level and given a positive electrostatic charge. All hard surfaces by nature have a negative electrostatic charge.  As a result, when Permanon is mixed with water and spray applied to a hard surface, microscopic nano-sized platelets of Silicium are electrostatically drawn down into the micro-structure and nano-pores of the surface filling them up to create an ultra-smooth surface.  This takes away the foot hold for dirt, grime, mold, mildew (even bacteria!) or any other foreign matter to attach while at the same time giving the surface an outstanding long lasting shine. All waxes, Teflons or polymers are topical or (and get this) have nano-pores themselves which can grab dirt. Also, Silicium has natural UV protective properties.  Given that UV light can be the primary cause of faded paint/finishes, Permanon has you covered there too.

Once a surface has been cleaned, polished and is void of any buffing compounds or waxes (you'll only have to do this once, the first time you're ready to apply Permanon) it is ready for a very simple application of Permanon Finishes.  You'll never again waste time with hand applications rubbing on paste waxes (which can web the surface with fine scratches) and then buffing it off, doing the same damage.  Simply mix a 5-10% solution of Permanon with water in a misting type sprayer. I like the Swiss-made Birchmeier VITON Hand Pump Compression Sprayer which has a nice wide mist pattern for covering large surfaces. Simply hand-pump the VITON misting sprayer, then spray-apply taking long wide sweeps until the Permanon is just starting to run. Do NOT over do it. Permanon cannot stick to itself, so if you over-apply you're only wasting the solution. Work from the top down, then dry with a microfiber cloth immediately to avoid any water spotting from minerals that may be in your water. That's it, you're done! Clean, mist on, and's that easy.

As for cost, lets break down the factors. One 500 ml bottle of Permanon PSI+14 Silver will make ten (10) 32 ounce spray bottles with a 5% solution of Permanon.  Each 32 ounce spray bottle of mixed Permanon will coat at least two (2) mid-sized sedans. That's a total of at least twenty (20) cars per 500 ml bottle of Permanon concentrate which equates to $5.29 per car/coating...less than the cost of a standard automated car wash.

The time it takes to mist Permanon onto a standard sized car is about 10 minutes or less. Microfiber, Squeegee, or blow dry and you're done. Larger vehicles, boats, yachts, and aircraft will cost a little more but there is a huge savings in application and future care, time and cost factors which must be considered.

If you still are not convinced that this new technology is for you, comment on this Blog, give me a call or send e-mail with your concerns. Stop wasting time and money with products that don't last, don't offer real hard-shell protection and potentially scratch your highly polished surfaces. Permanon truly is the new nano-engineered surface protection solution.