Friday, March 8, 2013

Permanon Protection for Window Tint and Vinyl Advertising Wrap

Here's another great question that came in today:

“Can Permanon be applied to window tint?”

The Answer:

Yes, with benefits! Use Permanon PSI+14 Silver.

The Benefits:

1.) Permanon fills the nano-pores of the window tint material making it clearer, and most of all easier to clean.

2.) Permanon provides UV protection which makes the tint last longer. Remember the tint is designed to block out UV radiation. But Permanon protects the tint material itself from harmful UV deterioration.

CAUTION: Window tint will not adhere to glass that has been treated with Permanon. Why?  Because Permanon fills the nano-pores of the glass.  It's those microscopic pores that allow the window tint to adhere to the glass.

Vinyl Advertising Wrap

You know the kind seen on the sides of buses, vans, and trailers advertising a product? And now wrap is available to totally change the color of your car even in matte colors.  Permanon is perfect to enhance and UV protect the wrap for a longer life by taking away the foothold for road grime to adhere making it easier to maintain. Finger prints and road dirt easily wash away on all gloss, semi-gloss and matte finishes.

Permanon is so easy to apply: Mix a 5% solution in water, mist Permanon onto the window tint or a cleaned wrap surface, and dry immediately.  For interior window tint, just mist on and micro-fiber cloth dry. It's that easy.

Thank you for your questions. Remember, Permanon is designed to protect ANY hard surface, not just window tint and vinyl wraps.

Visit our web site to purchase Permanon and your application accessories. 2-3 day Priority Mail shipping is FREE for any order over $50 to any location within the United States.  If you have a comment or question about our products, post a comment on this blog where everyone can benefit from an answer, or send a private message through our contact page.


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