Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Permanon Recommendations for Gel Coat Finishes

There have been some discrepancies regarding the mix percentage of Permanon Yacht Supershine concentrate to use on Gel coat finishes. The standard recommendation for first-time applications is a 10% mix.  Maintenance applications and interior surfaces only require a 3-5% mix. Full-strength applications of Permanon Yacht Supershine is reserved for only those areas that are sensitive to constant exposure to the sun's harmful UV radiation, such as varnished wood.

The required mix ratio can vary based on the age and condition of a Gel coat. So we ask you a few questions to better qualify the condition of your gel coat. Has the gel coat been properly maintained?  Is it faded?  Is it peeling?  Are you in a hot sunny climate?  Is it a new or older boat?

To be clear, Permanon is a finish protection solution, simple to apply, maintaining your gel coat or any hard surface so it looks new, lasts longer, and cleans so much easier. It will not bring back a faded (chalking) or worn surface where the Gel coat has started to break down. A faded surface needs to be professionally buffed where a surface that is actually breaking down may need a new color Gel coat applied. Once the Gel coat has been restored it can be maintained with Permanon Yacht Supershine.  Properly maintained with Permanon your Gel coat will not require any further buffing or polishing.

NOTE: After any buffing/polishing (pre-Permanon), wash the surface with a clean detergent. This will remove any buffing compounds or residual waxes from the nano-pores preparing the surface for a Permanon Yacht application.

Recommended concentrations of Permanon to water
for FIRST-TIME APPLICATIONS on your Gel coat finish:

- New Gel coat: 10%
- Finished (varnish/urethane) wood work: 100%
- Slightly faded, or hot sun environment and daily commercial use: 20-50% as needed.

Maintenance applications from this point forward can be applied with a 3-5% mix of Permanon as needed, based on use, which can be determined by periodically testing the surface to see if water is still beading up or sheeting away quickly. The exception to this is the finished wood work. Normally finished woodwork in maintained annually with a light sanding and re-coat. Properly maintained with Permanon, this arduous process is no longer required.  If the finished wood work does not come into contact with anything abrasive (rope, etc), then a 100% concentrate application can be applied annually. Wood work surfaces that are exposed to abrasive elements will require more frequent applications, as needed.

NOTE: When applying it is important to remember that Permanon cannot adhere to itself, so a second application will only wash away and be wasted. 

The Benefits: Easy application, protection that maintains the new look of your boat or yacht, and less time cleaning leaves you more time to enjoy cruising, sailing or sport fishing. 


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