Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Swiss-made Birchmeier Sprayers for Permanon Applications

The NEW Swiss-made Birchmeier Viton Spray-matic Hand Pump Compression Sprayer (formerly known as the Viton 50800) is back in-stock and online. It's very similar to the old Viton 50800, but it now also features the ability to use in any position (360°), includes a solid brass adjustable and inclinable nozzle, as well as a solid brass fanjet nozzle kit.

Our third sprayer option for smaller jobs is the Swiss-made Birchmeier McProper Pro trigger sprayer. Like the Spray-Matic, it too features the ability to use in any position (360°) and includes an adjustable nozzle for mist or stream spraying.

All quality options to make Permanon applications even easier. Pick the one best suited to your needs at: