Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Misting Sprayers for Permanon Applications

Many have asked us, what is the most efficient way to apply Permanon over large areas? We have a few good options, but there is one that stands out ahead of the rest.

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The word is getting out about the Swiss-made Birchmeier 50800 VITON compression mist sprayer.  It's an easy and efficient way of applying Permanon over large surfaces (e.g. boats/yacht, cars/trucks, motor homes, RV's, and building surfaces, glass windows, marble, etc.).

The trigger pump 32 oz sprayers can make your finger pretty tired after awhile. Some do not have an adjustable nozzle so you can’t get a fine mist as do some garden compression sprayers. You don’t want to waste Permanon by over applying with those other sprayers. A fine mist is best. Permanon cannot stick to itself and so cannot be layered. Over applying with anything that doesn't "mist" means wasted product. The Birchmeier 50800 VITON compression sprayer has a perfect wide mist applicator nozzle which can be turned for vertical or horizontal applications.

When applying with a Birchmeier 50800 VITON compression mist sprayer make a nice slow steady sweep, just fast enough so the mixture is not running. Start at the top and work your way down. After applying, immediately squeegee any standing water and/or microfiber dry to avoid any water spotting from minerals that may be in your water. Lightly buff dry your glass and any bright work to a beautiful protected shine.

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