Thursday, January 17, 2013

Easy to Apply, Solid, Lasting Protection

Hi, my name is Nick Harding. I'm the President and owner of Nostalgia Garage, Inc. d/b/a Permanon Finishes. I've been involved with Permanon since it was first brought into North America and have always been on the forefront of new information and training. The two most fundamental benefits of Permanon are that it is very easy to apply and it offers durable long-term surface/finish protection. Unfortunately, "easy to apply" seems to suggest that it's a cheap or short term-solution...which is far from the truth.  It's become clear from my time on the road making sales calls and from the discussions I've had with current Permanon users, that it's hard to believe (initially) that the ease of application can provide such significant protective benefits, or that it's worth the upfront cost. So let's cover these obstacles.

First, understanding how it works will make it apparent why it's easier and better to use than any wax, silicone, or other topical agents. Permanon is primarily made up of Silicium (Si14 on the Periodic Table of elements, the primary component of glass). Silicium in Permanon has been engineered to the nano-level and given a positive electrostatic charge. All hard surfaces by nature have a negative electrostatic charge.  As a result, when Permanon is mixed with water and spray applied to a hard surface, microscopic nano-sized platelets of Silicium are electrostatically drawn down into the micro-structure and nano-pores of the surface filling them up to create an ultra-smooth surface.  This takes away the foot hold for dirt, grime, mold, mildew (even bacteria!) or any other foreign matter to attach while at the same time giving the surface an outstanding long lasting shine. All waxes, Teflons or polymers are topical or (and get this) have nano-pores themselves which can grab dirt. Also, Silicium has natural UV protective properties.  Given that UV light can be the primary cause of faded paint/finishes, Permanon has you covered there too.

Once a surface has been cleaned, polished and is void of any buffing compounds or waxes (you'll only have to do this once, the first time you're ready to apply Permanon) it is ready for a very simple application of Permanon Finishes.  You'll never again waste time with hand applications rubbing on paste waxes (which can web the surface with fine scratches) and then buffing it off, doing the same damage.  Simply mix a 5-10% solution of Permanon with water in a misting type sprayer. I like the Swiss-made Birchmeier VITON Hand Pump Compression Sprayer which has a nice wide mist pattern for covering large surfaces. Simply hand-pump the VITON misting sprayer, then spray-apply taking long wide sweeps until the Permanon is just starting to run. Do NOT over do it. Permanon cannot stick to itself, so if you over-apply you're only wasting the solution. Work from the top down, then dry with a microfiber cloth immediately to avoid any water spotting from minerals that may be in your water. That's it, you're done! Clean, mist on, and's that easy.

As for cost, lets break down the factors. One 500 ml bottle of Permanon PSI+14 Silver will make ten (10) 32 ounce spray bottles with a 5% solution of Permanon.  Each 32 ounce spray bottle of mixed Permanon will coat at least two (2) mid-sized sedans. That's a total of at least twenty (20) cars per 500 ml bottle of Permanon concentrate which equates to $5.29 per car/coating...less than the cost of a standard automated car wash.

The time it takes to mist Permanon onto a standard sized car is about 10 minutes or less. Microfiber, Squeegee, or blow dry and you're done. Larger vehicles, boats, yachts, and aircraft will cost a little more but there is a huge savings in application and future care, time and cost factors which must be considered.

If you still are not convinced that this new technology is for you, comment on this Blog, give me a call or send e-mail with your concerns. Stop wasting time and money with products that don't last, don't offer real hard-shell protection and potentially scratch your highly polished surfaces. Permanon truly is the new nano-engineered surface protection solution.

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